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MDC.net Information

The MDC.net system is used to control and manage ISDN codecs, hybrids and routers from one or more workstations within a Radio/TV station.
The codecs can be situated in one dedicated control room or they can be spread over various local and remote locations.
MDC.net supports a variety of codecs and routers that are available on the market.
The MDC.net system is used to establish ISDN connections and manages all devices involved, such as ISDN terminal adapters, audio codecs and routers.
The system runs on standard PC´s.

The user-friendly and efficient line overview window shows the status of all ISDN connections.
The information provided includes:

  • Codec availability
  • Who is using which codec
  • Selected protocol or codec algorithm
  • ISDN channel established connections
  • Name of the remote ISDN party
  • ISDN connection duration
  • Clear error messages if there is a problem

    From within this window all major functions are available:

  • Dialling
  • Redialling to last connected destination
  • Disconnecting or transferring calls (hybrids only)
  • Automatic selection of a suitable codec, if desired
  • Accepting incoming calls
  • Reserving of codecs
  • Preparing connections
  • Viewing of the connection specific information
  • (Re-) configuring the codecs from a comfortable quick setting list
  • Optionally warning messages for long-term connections

  • Additional Information